Net Neutrality – FCC Public Comments Put On Hold

Net Neutrality means that ISP’s like Viacom, AT&T, and cable companies cannot favor data speed of one company over another. This was the rule under the Obama administration. Since Obama was for it, Trump is against it and has asked the FCC to undo this regulation.

If this rule is revoked the ISP’s can accept fees from competing companies to speed up their data over their competitor’s data (e.g. Netflix could pay to be faster than Hulu, etc.) Of course, it is the consumer who will ultimately pay for these new fees the ISP’s will be collecting to add to their profits.

The FCC was accepting public comments on this issue, but they had made the public comment section almost impossible to find on their site. The John Oliver show then created a domain that went directly to this hard to find area,

The response was so overwhelming, that the FCC has closed its comment section (and of course blames that on a DOS attack.) You can read further news reports about what happened if you browse “fcc and john oliver.”

You can view the segment causing all the fuss at, and decide if you want to make your voice heard on this subject.