This blog site was set up by my administrator a couple of weeks ago, but this is my first post.  I finally figured out that I was frozen with public speaking anxiety, or stage fright.  Now, considering how many hundreds of times I have spoken to large groups of people, I decided writing a blog is just like standing in front of a crowd.  Did you realize you are all naked?

This is the blog of: 

Andrew M. Jaffe

Attorney at Law

Practice limited to E-Commerce and Internet Law

Since the summer of 2003, I have limited my practice to E-Commerce and Internet Law; that is all I do.  Consequently, I know that I have as much knowledge and experience in this area as any lawyer in the country.  I have defended over 30 clients accused of doing bad things on the web, and I have written hundreds of Privacy Policies and Terms of Service.   All in all, there is no Internet issue I have not been involved in.

I am a lawyer, and therefore, I write like a lawyer.  However, as I create my blog posts, I will try to make them engaging, captivating and amusing as possible.  I am known to be cynical on occasion, and that will probably come through in my posts.

There is no shortage of topics I am keen to blog about.  I will post my first real blog today on Privacy and the Internet.  Privacy is probably the biggest area of contention and confusion on the Internet today, and that makes my privacy post a good first step.

In the coming days I will also comment on Mugshots.com, business entities, Terms of Service contracts, getting posts removed from the Internet and other issues everyone traveling the web should be concerned about.  I will also include columns on E-Commerce issues that affect both the buyers and sellers who use the web.

As I understand it, the hardest thing about starting a blog is getting an audience to read it.  If you enjoy my blog please remember to bookmark it for your return, and please tell your friends if you think they will enjoy it too.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you here again soon.