Privacy Policy – A Must Have For Every Web Site

Holiday weeks are often slow for me, and this one gave me a chance to catch up on my reading on Internet law news. As I read through the Internet law updates I was amazed that about one-half the updates concerned Privacy Policies and Privacy issues.

I have spent a lot of time online lately trying to convince the world that every web site needs a Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be getting the message across.

Even if a web site is only an informational site, a Privacy Policy is needed. Especially if the site is directed to California residents as California has lead the nation in Privacy Policy legislation, and have a whole enforcement department dedicated to Privacy Policy Compliance. Further, even blogs and tweets need a Privacy Policy under California law.

Finally, I am constantly amazed whenever I land on a recognized company’s web site without a Privacy Policy. Many visitors are wise enough to sense that a web site without a Privacy Policy is probably a shoddy site, and they should beware before proceeding.

Please, if you have a web site without a Privacy Policy give me a call – No Charge and No Obligation. We can discuss the issue and decide if you need my help.

I look forward to working with you!