The Worst Terrorist Attack Since 9/11

I am incensed over the cyber-terrorist attack against Sony which caused the cancellation of the release of the movie “The Interview.” The implications of this actual scenario should give everyone tremendous heart burn.

Think about it. All a cyber-terrorist needs to do now is send an email threatening violence and a billion dollar movie is put into storage. Think about the implications to every over business in America.

Will an email to GM that anyone who buys a Chevy will have their tires slashed cause them to stop selling Chevy’s? Certainly a suicide bomber email threat could close the Mall of the Americas; or any other mall for that matter.

Now that an email threat can cause a business to lose millions of dollars what will happen to our economy once this scenario is repeatedly repeated. America is going to see this happening more and more in the coming months.

As citizens it will be our duty to say enough is enough. We need better anti-malware software developed, and we need to brave going out when a non-credible threat is posted. Otherwise, the terrorists will use the Internet to keep us from ever leaving our homes.

As everyone agreed after 9/11, we cannot let the terrorists rule our lives!