Change Your Passwords

This is my semi-annual blog to remind you to take a few minutes over the holiday weekend to change your passwords.

This is particularly important for sites that store financial information like your banks and credit cards. Don’t forget that you have shopping sites where you have stored this information like Amazon and eBay.

Further, don’t forget to change the password on those sites where you have auto-pay in place like utilities.

Finally, be sure to change the password on your smart phone. While I know it is inconvenient to constantly input your password on your phone, we are all storing more and more sensitive information on our phones. If you can use your thumbprint as your password that is very secure, and allows you to just use your thumb to turn the phone back on.

The Internet is still the Wild West, with crooks and outlaws behind every rock. Please find the time to take this simple precaution to keep your information safe.